ECO-UNESCO publishes a wide range of education resources focused on environmental education for young people:

  • Publications
  • Posters
  • Activity sheets
  • Hard copy
  • Soft copy

These resources aim to support teachers, youth leaders and other educators to apply environmental education to their educational activities.

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Energy Watchers

This pack aims to provide youth leaders and teachers with practical ideas about how to explore energy issues with young people. It aims to

ECO-Watchers Toolkit

The ECO-Watchers toolkit provides ready to go lessons with cut-out and photocopy ready resources. These can be used as standalone lessons and activities or

Youth for the Future

This 90-page Peer Education Handbook provides a guide to developing and supporting a Youth for Sustainable Development Peer Education Programme. The handbook includes over

4 Seasons Pack

This pack is a brilliant collection of outdoor activities aimed at encouraging young people to explore, protect and conserve Irish Wildlife. The easy-to-follow illustrated

ECO-Choices Resource Pack

This 12-workshop session pack aims to channel young people’s energy into positive action, empowering them to improve and protect themselves, others and their environment.

Ellen, Eoin and the Great Rubbish Adventure

This book aims to raise awareness about the environment amongst young children (5-8 year olds) and to support teachers to introduce environmental education in

Embracing Diversity

This pack presents a flexible, easy to use range of workshops, simulation games and activities designed to make young people aware of the alternatives

Enhancing Coniferous Woodland Guide

This guide was produced as a result of a three-year pilot project between ECO-UNESCO and Coillte Teoranta. The project was based in Barnaslingan Wood,

Our Environment Our Responsibility

Information leaflets with simple guidelines for living more sustainably at home, school and in our communities. Topics include monitoring water pollution, planting trees and

Protecting Your Local Environment

A guide with ideas on how to protect and improve your local environment, including step by step instructions on how to monitor air pollution,

Tree-Mendous Trees

This pack consists of seven activity-based worksheets on trees, which explores why trees are so important, the history of trees in Ireland and how

Trees in Our World

This pack looks at trees from around the globe and considers their importance to the environment, economy and society. The pack is full of

What on Earth is Sustainable Development?

This learning resource looks at what “Sustainable Development” actually means and how it relates to us all both locally and globally. This pack includes

What’s so hot about Climate Change?

This pack is guaranteed to inspire ECO-Action! Containing a wide range of environmental actions and initiatives that individuals and groups can take, and cut-out

ECO Community Garden

A resource on how to set up and run an ECO-Community Garden – Download a Sample